For Corporate Customers

Fuchi-So Inc. offers a garden, outward design of private homes and specialized services for commercial use facilities, public landscapes and the greenery projects. Nowadays a public interest in the environment and greenery issues has sharply increased so people tend to seek not only a simple environmental greening but also added value such as beautiful amenities on a ground design. Our vast experience and marketing data obtained through various works will build the most efficient methods that lead to a high quality and performance space. Some may take a garden and the outward into consideration afterward, however, they play a pivotal role in your precious house.

We have received a favorable reputation for our abundant work examples, rigorous quality control, and refined flexible design to fit our clients needs. It doesn't matter neither how much the budget is nor what size of the project. We can convert your living space fancier beyond your expectation by a little tweak with your taste and our professional technique. A moment you look up to the sky and refresh yourself when coming home, the subtle daily changing expression of the room when welcoming your guest and each tone of the atmosphere with the seasons going around, you might not be able to picture those clearly, but we believe they are crucial for the genuinely adorable house for a lifetime.

Services for corporate customers

The Specialty

  • Exterior and greening of condominiums, commercial buildings, office buildings, etc.
  • Townscape development of detached houses for sale
  • Theme parks, parks and green facilities
  • Complex commercial facilities such as shopping malls
  • Memorial Garden, Concept Garden, Japanese Garden
  • Factory greening
  • Landscape development of resort facilities
  • Accommodation facilities such as hotels and inns
  • Rooftop greening
  • Nursing care and medical facilities such as day care centers and hospitals
  • Wedding facilities such as guest houses and garden chapels
  • All other planning, design, construction and consulting incidental to the above


  • About 600 various residential gardens (planning design construction)
  • Fumakilla Co., Ltd. Factory greening (Design and construction)
  • Kobe City Kitayamadai Sales Plan (planning design)
  • Aisin Development Nisshin City Sales Planning and Development (planning design, planting construction)
  • Cosmetic factory roof greening (design and supervision)
  • Cypress Karuizawa Bath Garden (planning design)
  • Leopalace21 Soshigaya Development Project (planning design)
  • Kaikan Uoshin Wedding Garden (planning design and supervision)
  • mercedes benz dalian showroom patio (planning design)
  • Karuizawa villa garden (planning design and supervision)
  • YKKAP Showroom Welcome Garden (planning design and supervision)
  • Grand Prince Hotel Wedding Garden (Design and construction)
  • Mitsukoshi department store rooftop garden display (planning design and construction)